“Please leave all legal issues with ease to the international group of Pro-Group

     The Pro-Group Global Law Offices consist of many university professors with USA law degree, Ph.D. and Taiwanese and American practicing attorneys with years of experience. Each attorney and consultant specializes on a certain field and have abundant experience. We provide services to legal affairs in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, and around the world. The service areas include corporate investment and mergers and acquisitions, bank financing, securities trading, real estate events, intellectual property rights. Events, international trade events, fair trade events, consumer protection disputes, labor dispute resolution, government procurement law cases, administrative remedies, litigation procedures and arbitration, and China legal affairs. In addition, we also aggressively work for a strategic coalition with experts in other fields with the purpose of providing customized professional integrated services for our clients.
    Pro-Group Global Law Offices include many scholars and experts who had worked in the finance industry, the academic and government sectors to form a comprehensive professional legal service team. We are equipped with cross-regional and cross-field professional integration capacity in order to fully understand our clients’ needs. We integrate legal knowledge and those of other fields to provide the most professional, appropriate and efficient solutions for our clients.
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