■ Education
Lawyers pass the college entrance examination
College entrance examination, legal style, passing the exam
Master’s Program, Department of Law, Zhongzheng University
■ Experience
Changhua County Government Political Affairs Division, Acting Section Chief
Director of the Political Office of Xiushui Township Office, Changhua County
Group Policy Law Firm
Changhua County Government Legal Support Consultant
Lawyer of Legal Adviser, North District Office, Taichung City
Lawyer of Legal Consultant, Xiushui Township Office, Changhua County
Lawyer of Legal Adviser, Ershui Township Office, Changhua County
Legal Support Foundation Taichung Branch Supporting Lawyers
Legal Support Foundation Changhua Branch Support Lawyers
Qiaoguang University of Science and Technology, Department of Finance and Law, and a division
■ Area of expertise
The Civil lawsuit, criminal lawsuit, administrative lawsuit, family case
Government Procurement Law Cases, Corruption and Crimes Regulations
Contract drafting, review
Public employee conflict of interest avoidance law case