The society changes rapidly, and the interpersonal relationship is alienated and close. Unless Robinson lives alone on an isolated island, the individual will is the rule. Once a “second person” enters the island and interacts with Robinson, the rules of the game Beginning to change, there are “laws” in the rules of the game, “ethical conscience”, “conflict of interest”, and how to mediate. The way of operation is increasingly complicated with the increase of interpersonal interaction.

To this day, the “special” knowledge and entity operation of the law has made the average person look down on it. When confronted with disputes and lawsuits, they will be fearful. In fact, the operation of the law always appears in our lives. If we can care a little more about things in normal life, we will naturally come into contact with many concepts related to “law”; therefore, we can understand the law and let us face it. Legal issues have the right attitude and ability to cope.