About the attorneys

Each of the lawyers and consultants of Boqun International Business Law Firm has a specialization and experience. Many of them have a doctorate in law in the United States. The service areas include corporate investment and mergers and acquisitions, bank financing, securities trading, real estate events, intellectual property rights. Events, international trade events, fair trade events, consumer protection disputes, labor dispute resolution, government procurement law cases, administrative remedies, litigation procedures, and arbitration, and mainland legal affairs.

In addition, the firm is more active in establishing strategic alliances with experts in other fields to achieve the goal of providing customers with comprehensive and integrated services.

Director |
Qiu Yuxian
Moderator |
Chen Baihan
Moderator |
Lin Hengshuo
General Counsel |
Wu Jiasheng
American lawyer consultant
American Lawyer|
Wu Jiahua
Business Administration Law & Training Department
Senior Consultant|
Zhang Junming
Senior Consultant|
Zheng Yuhang
Interacting with the outside Department
Senior Consultant|
Xu Huiyi