Pro-group global law offices holds the spirit of “experienced, excellent and outstanding”, and combines a number of scholars and experts who have worked in the financial, academic and government sectors to form a comprehensive professional legal service team. They have cross-regional and the “cross-border” integration capabilities of the field. Fully understand customer needs, integrate legal and domain knowledge, and provide customers with the most professional, appropriate and efficient solutions.

Company investment: Financial securities and capital markets:
Tax litigation Bank
Tax planning Insurance
Equity acquisition Securities
International trade
Transnational investment
Mergers and acquisitions
Labor and management relationship
Establishment and management of overseas companies
Government contract and public officials: China legal advice and dispute resolution:
Public works contract Cross-strait heritage treatment
Government procurement contract Cross-strait contracts and disputes
Public employee property declaration Cross-strait civil and commercial disputes
Cross-strait intellectual property rights layout and disputes
Intellectual property rights: Real estate industry:
Patent Corruption Code
Fairtrade Real estate dispute processing
Copyright Real estate transaction planning
Trademark Apartment building management
Business secret
Consumer protection
Authorization contract
Domestic and foreign litigation and arbitration: Professional education training course:
Arbitration Corporate legal risk management
Administrative relief Internal rules and regulations of the company
Civil and criminal proceedings


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